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"He isn't a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities." - William Feather


Robert B. Colvin, M.D., Endowed Chair in Pathology

Desmond and Ann Heathwood MGH Research Scholar

Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School


Massachusetts General Hospital

Molecular Pathology Unit
Center for Computational and Integrative Biology
Center for Cancer Research


149 13th Street, 6th floor
Charlestown, MA 02129





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"teamwork makes the team work!" 

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Stacy Francis

Role: Lab Manager

favorite hobby: 

troubleshooting i.t. problems

Ligi color mug.jpg

ligi paul, phd

Role: Staff scientist

graduate institution:

the ohio state university

currently reading:

"inside the mind of reviewer #3"


"No, you have to take that off. I can't be quoted as saying that."

- Keith Joung

Kendell Clement, Phd

Graduate Institution:

Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology


Research Interest:

CRISPR computational analysis

Favorite emoji: 

julian grunewald, md

Medical School:

University of Freiburg

Research Interest:

the non-cutting edge of CRISPR

Favorite Book:

50 shades of GFP

Nafiz Hamid, phd

Graduate Institution:

Iowa State University

Research Interest:

Stirring CRISPR with linear algebra

Mr. Miyagi says:

karate do, yes, or karate do, no.

Ken color mug.jpg


graduate institution:

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Research Interest: 

high throughput PCR (Pipette, Cry, Repeat)

Favorite Activity:

Almost 3 chin-ups


medical school:

University of Heidelberg

Research Interest:

Depends on the day

Chess opening:

Scholar’s mate

esther tak, phd

graduate institution:

University of Southern California

Research Interest: 

Epigenome Editing

dead-lift grip:



Tasos Gogakos, MD, phd

graduate institution/medical school: Weill cornell medicine, rockefller university, memorial sloan kettering cancer center

favorite quote: i used to do (science). i still do, but i used to, too

SeHee PARK, phd


graduate institution: University of california davis



"We might not be the best people, but we're not the worst. Graduate students are the worst." - Jack Donaghy/Liz Lemon


Graduate Program:

Harvard BBS

Research Interest: 

Precise Genome Editing



5-star cooking on a grad school budget

jonathan hsu

Graduate Program:

MIT Biological Engineering


Research Interest: 

Web Development

Proficient in:


ibrahim cagri kurt

Graduate Program: 

Harvard School of Public Health

Research Interest: 

Genome Editing and off-targets


"whistle while you work"

pat exconde

alma mater:

college of the holy cross

Research Interest: 

Protein Engineering and design


Alter ego:


daniel kim

alma mater:

cornell university


Research Interest: 


coming soon:


hyunho lee

alma mater:

cornell university


Research Interest: 

gene editing

favorite donut:

krispr kreme

bret miller

Alma mater:

university of florida

research interest:


my Glory days:

when I was a triplet and a child model

hayley schultz

alma mater:

vassar college

Research Interest:

Epigenome Editing

Natural State:

Woke and energized

hina shah

alma mater:

cornell university

Research interest:

I want to be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.

Off targets! Gotta catch ‘em all!


Favorite movie character:

Bond. Hydrogen Bond.

justine shih

alma mater:

cornell university

Research Interest: 

is mood-dependent


my lab bench in the kitchen

regan szalay

alma mater:

College of Wooster

Research Interest: 



conversation starter: 

Did you know the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA finals?

chris woodilla

alma mater: 

College of the Holy Cross

Research Interest: 

interesting research

coming to terms with:

The inevitable heat death of the universe


"You know I went to school in Boston. Well, not in Boston, but nearby." - Toofer Spurlock

hana kiros


Harvard college

Research Interest:

Off-targets, Gene Drives, & The Human Condition



david ma


harvard college

Research Interest:

off-targets & the deep deep ocean

Pet Peeve:

when the main sleuth solves everything with no effort or reasonable explanation of how they reached their conclusion aside from "their intuition"

joung lab alumni

"You don't get old, you just become a classic."

  • Ronghao Zhou, Tech

  • Nick Perry, Tech

  • Rebecca Cottman, Graduate Student

  • James Angstman, Graduate Student

  • Jay Jun, Tech

  • Joy Horng, Tech

  • Sara Garcia, Bioinformatician

  • Maggie Bobbin, PostDoc

  • Russell Walton, Tech

  • Alex Sousa, Tech

  • Kanae Sasaki, Tech

  • Jimmy Guo, Tech

  • Oliver Cervantes, Tech

  • Benjamin Kleinstiver, Instructor

  • Stephanie Yeh, Undergraduate Student

  • Jackson Allen, Undergraduate Student

  • Jason Gehrke, Graduate Student

  • Jose Malagon Lopez, Postdoc

  • Shengdar Q. Tsai, Instructor

  • Ved Topkar, Undergraduate

  • Michelle Prew, Tech

  • Moira Welch, Tech

  • Nhu Nguyen, Tech

  • Samantha J Linder, Tech

  • Cyd Khayter, Tech

  • Nicolas Wyvekens, Visiting Medical Student

  • Vincent Martin Cascio, Tech

  • Jennifer Foden, Tech

  • Mathew Goodwin, Lab Manager

  • Morgan Maeder, Graduate Student

  • Jeffry Sander, Postdoc

  • Deepak Reyon, Postdoc

  • Cherie Ramirez, Graduate Student

  • Joshua Davis, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Maureen Regan, Tech

  • Elizabeth Dahlborg, Tech

  • Stacey Thibodeau Beganny, Laboratory Manager and Senior Research Technologist

  • Sandra Fay-Richard, Lab Manager

  • Jessica Hurt, Tech

  • Andrew Hirsh, Postdoc

  • Rui Fang, Postdoc

  • Astrid Giesecke, Graduate Student

  • Edouard Kengni, Volunteer Scientist

  • Carl Göbel, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Nicholas Bonnaig, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Sandra Ahn, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Tao Jiang, Postdoc

  • Magdalena Eichtinger, Postdoc

  • Megan McSweeney, Tech

  • Jonathan Foley, Tech

  • Long Le, MGH Clinical Pathology Resident

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