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"He isn't a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities." - William Feather






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"teamwork makes the team work!" 

Stacy_Feb 2019.jpg

Stacy Francis

Role: Lab Manager

favorite hobby: 

troubleshooting i.t. problems

Ligi color mug.jpg

ligi paul, phd

Role: Staff scientist

graduate institution:

the ohio state university

currently reading:

"inside the mind of reviewer #3"


"No, you have to take that off. I can't be quoted as saying that."

- Keith Joung

Giulia oliva, Phd

Graduate Institution:

Pasteur institutE/sorbonne university


Research Interest: gene editor delivery

dad joke:

I am afraid of big insects, especially gi-ANTs


esther tak, phd

graduate institution:

University of Southern California

Research Interest: 

Epigenome Editing

dead-lift grip:


Tianduo wang, phd

graduate institution: Western university

research interests: delivery, delivery, delivery.......and some Synbio

go-to move: euro-step

Ken color mug.jpg


graduate institution:

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Research Interest: 

high throughput PCR (Pipette, Cry, Repeat)

Favorite Activity:

Almost 3 chin-ups


SeHee PARK, phd

graduate institution: University of california davis


Tasos Gogakos, MD, phd

graduate institution/medical school: Weill cornell medicine, rockefller university, memorial sloan kettering cancer center

favorite quote: i used to do (science). i still do, but i used to, too



graduate institution/medical school: cold spring harbor school of biological sciences, university of Lisbon

When in waterbackstroke


cristina dabaco

alma mater:

cornell university


Research Interest: Gene editing and RNA biology

Ask me about: roller skiing (and the injuries that come along with it)



"whistle while you work"


eliza jane holtz

alma mater:

umass amherst


Research Interest: 

teeny genome editors

least favorite lab rule: no crocs allowed :(


paolo Padova

alma mater:

tufts university

Research Interest: protein engineering

what I want to be when I grow up: race car driver......just need to learn how to drive


Keagan hesse

alma mater:

dickinson college

Research Interest: epigenetics and  cancer genomics

Thoughts on the Ticonderoga #2 pencil, The World's Best Pencil®: It's alright


jade law

alma mater:

northeastern university

side hustle: strava influencer

joung lab alumni

"You don't get old, you just become a classic."

  • ivy (Thuy) nguyen, tech 

  • Karl petri, postdoc 

  • ravi BAJPai, tech  

  • hana kiros, undergraduate student 

  • Kendell celement, postdoc

  • david ma, undergraduate student

  • Sofia ottonellovisiting graduate student

  • regan szalay, tech

  • chris woodilla, tech

  • justine shih, tech

  • peter cabeceiras, graduate student

  • julian grunewald, postdoc

  • jonathan hsu, graduate student

  • Nafiz hamid, post doc

  • Ibrahim cagri kurt, graduate student

  • pat exconde, tech

  • daniel kim, tech

  • Hyunho Lee, tech

  • Bret Miller, tech

  • Hayley Schultz, tech

  • hina shah, tech

  • lukas M langner, visiting medical student

  • sowmya Iyer, bioinformatician

  • Ronghao Zhou, Tech

  • Nick Perry, Tech

  • Rebecca Cottman, Graduate Student

  • James Angstman, Graduate Student

  • Jay Jun, Tech

  • Joy Horng, Tech

  • Sara Garcia, Bioinformatician

  • Maggie Bobbin, PostDoc

  • Russell Walton, Tech

  • Alex Sousa, Tech

  • Kanae Sasaki, Tech

  • Jimmy Guo, Tech

  • Oliver Cervantes, Tech

  • Benjamin Kleinstiver, Instructor

  • Stephanie Yeh, Undergraduate Student

  • Jackson Allen, Undergraduate Student

  • Jason Gehrke, Graduate Student

  • Jose Malagon Lopez, Postdoc

  • Shengdar Q. Tsai, Instructor

  • Ved Topkar, Undergraduate

  • Michelle Prew, Tech

  • Moira Welch, Tech

  • Nhu Nguyen, Tech

  • Samantha J Linder, Tech

  • Cyd Khayter, Tech

  • Nicolas Wyvekens, Visiting Medical Student

  • Vincent Martin Cascio, Tech

  • Jennifer Foden, Tech

  • Mathew Goodwin, Lab Manager

  • Morgan Maeder, Graduate Student

  • Jeffry Sander, Postdoc

  • Deepak Reyon, Postdoc

  • Cherie Ramirez, Graduate Student

  • Joshua Davis, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Maureen Regan, Tech

  • Elizabeth Dahlborg, Tech

  • Stacey Thibodeau Beganny, Laboratory Manager and Senior Research Technologist

  • Sandra Fay-Richard, Lab Manager

  • Jessica Hurt, Tech

  • Andrew Hirsh, Postdoc

  • Rui Fang, Postdoc

  • Astrid Giesecke, Graduate Student

  • Edouard Kengni, Volunteer Scientist

  • Carl Göbel, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Nicholas Bonnaig, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Sandra Ahn, Undergraduate Summer Student

  • Tao Jiang, Postdoc

  • Magdalena Eichtinger, Postdoc

  • Megan McSweeney, Tech

  • Jonathan Foley, Tech

  • Long Le, MGH Clinical Pathology Resident

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