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genome and epigenome editing

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for nearly a decade, the lab has developed robust reagents and methods that enable targeted genome editing, including: zinc finger nucleases, tale nucleases, crispr/cas nucleases, and base editors.

we have shown the utility of these platforms for targeted epigenome editing, through histone modification and heterotopic activation to alter gene expression. 


together, we and our collaborators have created genome and epigenome edits with high efficiencies in zebrafish, plants or human somatic and pluripotent stem cells.

Keith's PRESENTATION at ASGCT 2023 summarizes the LAB's research achievements

genome-wide assays: specificity

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to understand the safety of genome editing technologies as potential therapeuties, we have developed assays such as guide-SEQ AND CIRCLE-SEQ THAT AIM TO DEFINE and detect OFF-TARGETS.

as a lab

we continue to create novel cutting-edge technologies and explore high-throughput genome- and epigenome-editing capabilities

we encourage interested undergraduate students, graduate students, and scientists from all backgrounds to inquire about opportunities to join our lab!!



See available plasmids at:

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