Search Maggie in PubMed

Search Maggie in PubMed

Maggie Bobbin, PhD

Graduate Institution: City of Hope

Primary Research Interest: Off-Targets

Favorite place in Boston: New Hampshire

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Search Ben in PubMed

Ben Kleinstiver, PhD

Graduate Institution: Western University (Canada)

Primary Research Interest: Unclear

Justin Trudeau YouTube Videos Viewed/Week: 3.5 

Esther Tak, PHD

Graduate Institution: University of Southern California

Primary Research Interest: Epigenome Editing

Deadlift Grip: Mixed

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Karl petri, MD

Medical School: University of Heidelberg

Primary Research Interest: Depends on the day

Intellectual Property: Has to split his annual Petri dish royalties with the other 184 living descendants of Julius Richard Petri

Julian Grünewald.png

Julian Grünewald, MD

Medical School: University of Freiberg

Primary Research Interest: Off-Targets

Knows all the words toThe Justin Bieber verse in "Despacito"