June 2014 Shengdar Awarded Travel Award to speak at the 2014 FASEB Genome Engineering Conference in Nassau, The Bahamas.

May 2014  James and Yanfang awarded Meritorious Abstract Travel Awards for the 2014 ASGCT Conference.

May 2014  Joung lab publishes RFNs, a Fok1-dCas9 fusion protein with highly specific genome editing capabilities, alongside similar work from David Liu's group. [Press Coverage]

January 2014  Yanfang and Jeff's tru-gRNA approach provides a counter-intuitive yet robust method for increasing monomeric Cas9 specificity. [Press Coverage]

Oct. 2013  Joung lab publishes Nature Biotechnology article showing epigenome editing using TALE-TET1 fusion proteins that can demethylate specific CpGs and activate endogenous gene promoters in human cells.

Sep. 2013  Bernstein and Joung labs publish Nature Biotechnology article demonstrating targeted epigenome editing using TALE-LSD1 fusion proteins that can induce histone modifications at endogenous enhancers in human cells.

Aug. 2013  Science magazine publishes news article on "The CRISPR Craze"

Aug. 2013  Sam starts graduate school in the Harvard BBS program

Jul. 2013  Joung lab publishes Nature Methods paper showing that dCas9-activator fusions can robustly and synergistically activate endogenous human gene expression. News coverage in GEN.

Jun. 2013  Joung lab publishes Nature Biotechnology paper describing off-target effects of CRISPR- Cas nucleases in human cells. News coverage in Nature BiotechnologyNature MethodsGEN, and Biotechniques.

May. 2013  Morgan graduates and receives her Ph.D. from the Harvard BBS program (pictures: 12, and 3)

Apr. 2013  Biotechniques publishes article on genome engineering technologies

Mar. 2013  Joung lab publishes paper in Nature Methods demonstrating that TALE activators can induce robust and synergistic activation of endogenous human gene expression. News and Views coverage in Nature Methods.

Jan. 2013  Joung lab and collaborators publish Nature Biotechnology paper showing first in vivo demonstration of CRISPR-Cas9 nuclease-mediated genome editing (in zebrafish). News coverage in NatureNature BiotechnologyNature Methods, and Nature SciBX.

Jan. 2013  NIH Director Francis Collins spotlights Genome Editing on his blog

Jan. 2013  Keith and Jeff's trip to the 2012 San Diego Comic Con immortalized on PhD Comics

Jan. 2013  Shengdar's NIH F32 fellowship awarded

Dec. 2012  Targeted nucleases chosen as a "runner up" for Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year 2012

Dec. 2012  TALE technology featured in news focus article published in Science magazine

Dec. 2012  Keith and Jeff's TALEN review article published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Nov. 2012  Genome editing technology highlighted in Nature Methods technology feature article

Aug. 2012  James starts graduate school in the Harvard University MCO program

Jun. 2012  Keith participates in Biotechniques podcast on Genome Editing

Jun. 2012  Keith profiled by Biotechniques

May 2012  Cherie graduates and receives her Ph.D. from Harvard BBS!

Apr. 2012  Joung lab publishes high-throughput FLASH method for engineering TAL effectors in Nature Biotechnology. News coverage of the paper in Nature MethodsNature SciBXGenetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN)and Biotechniques.

Jan. 2012  Genome editing with engineered nucleases selected as “Method of the Year” for 2011 by the journal Nature Methods

Dec. 2011  Gene-editing nucleases featured in a news article in the journal Biotechniques

Aug. 2011  Joung lab and collaborators demonstrate disruption of endogenous zebrafish genes using engineered TALENs in Nature Biotechnology

Aug. 2011  Article on engineered TALEN and ZFN technology published in Nature Biotechnology

May 2011  Keith receives The Jim and Ann Orr MGH Research Scholar award

Dec. 2010  Zinc Finger Nucleases spotlighted as a “Method to Watch” for Nature Methods annual “Method of the Year” feature (PDF). Context-dependent assembly paper highlighted in the article.

Dec. 2010  Joung lab and collaborators describe new Context-Dependent Assembly zinc finger engineering method in Nature Methods publication

Nov. 2010  MGH Proto magazine publishes article and editorial on engineered zinc finger technology

Sept. 2010  Keith receives the NIH Director’ s Pioneer Award

Sept. 2010  Paola Arlotta, Feng Zhang, and Keith awarded NIH Transformative R01 award

Sept. 2010  Joung lab receives Addgene Resource Sharing Award

Mar. 2010  Morgan awarded Manfred L. Karnovsky fellowship

Dec. 2009  Zinc fingers highlighted in New York Times Science Times article

June 2009  Keith selected as one of “ The One Hundred” by the MGH Cancer Center

Apr. 2009  Morgan awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research

Feb. 2009  PLoS One paper on OPEN ZFNs used to modify zebrafish genes

Sept. 2008  Engineered zinc fingers and OPEN covered in Nature news article

Jul. 2008  Molecular Cell paper on OPEN (Oligomerized Pool ENgineering) of zinc
fingers published

Apr. 2008  Nature Methods correspondence on modular assembly of zinc fingers

Apr. 2006  Cherie awarded Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Dec. 2005  Zinc finger nucleases highlighted in Science magazine News Focus article