Genome-wide Unbiased Identifications of DSBs Evaluated by Sequencing (GUIDE-seq) is a novel method the Joung lab has developed to identify the off-target sites of CRISPR-Cas RNA-guided Nucleases.

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2015.10.17 GUIDE-seq Software (version 0.9) Released

  •  The Joung and Aryee labs are pleased to announce the release of an open-source software package for the analysis of GUIDE-seq data as previously described in our Tsai et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2015 paper. We thank you for your patience while we worked to make this software more user-friendly and ready for wider use.

    Details of the implementation, source code, and instructions are available at:


  • In the version of this protocol published in the Supplementary materials of Tsai et al. 2015, the primer labels ‘Nuclease_off_+_GSP1’ and ‘Nuclease_off_-_GSP1’ were switched in Supplementary Table 4 and the discovery thermocycling conditions were missing from the Supplementary Methods.  The corrected protocol is available directly from Nature Biotechnology. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank those who have recently discovered the error for bringing it to our attention.